Have you ever thought...

How many hours do your employees spend sitting in front of the computer?

How many of your employees end up by having problems in their bone and mussle structures which affect their productivity at work and have even been on sick leave due to those problems?

How do your employess manage stress?

How many of them are unhappy when their personal lives are being interfered by these problems and blame their long working hours affecting also their personal lives?

How many working hours and added costs has the company lost while the employees are off sick?

What if you could...

Offer your employees the knowledge on mussel / posture health assestments in order to prevent future mussels/back injuries?

Offer them the possibility to reduce/solve their physical tiredness, pains and disconfort?

Improve their quality of life with an innovative health plan and stress management counseling which will have a positive effect not only at work but also while enjoying time with families and friends?

Offer them a little healthy relieve when postural efforts are starting to bother them while they are at work?

Reduce absence at work due to doctor appointments or sick leaves which would lead to consistent costs cut down for the company?

Improve the employees feelings and points of view towards a company who does care about their health?

DM Body Balance

DM Body Balance is a result of a life commitment with health, prevention, a non stop of learning as much as sharing the knowledge on how to improve people’s lives through their body and mind wellbeing.

The concept is being newly presented in Europe but the pioneer and one of its founders, Diego Martínez made it a reality when HealthWise Global was born in Sydney, Australia.

With Body Balance you can have an international, experienced proffessional taking care of your employees wellbeing.

Improve your employees’ quality of life, wellbeing and motivation, increase their morale and their company loyalty while you cut down your costs